We truly care about everything we do. Every piece made at Go Wild, big or small, is important. Not only do we want a happy customer, but is important to us that we produce a product that we are proud of.


Our capabilities grow everyday, however we specialize in the small to medium structural steel jobs. As well as being able to pick up the miscellaneous steel that larger companies do not want to.  We can be your one stop steel fabricator and erector. This includes stairs, railing, canopies and architectural steel. 


In 2004 I enlisted in the Marine Corps and received my MOS as a 6142. I fabricated Aircraft Parts  for the CH-46E (Battle Phrog) helicopter in the Marine Corps. That was my first taste of building things from nothing. I was able to use my skills while deployed overseas creating mounts and brackets for the battle phrog.  Later when I met my wife she also had the same love for building things. With her and my father-in-law’s help my ability continued to grow.  I knew when I left active duty I needed to further my skills, so I used the Post 9/11 GI bill to attend Welding School. After welding school I started going to school online and later transferred to TCU. After TCU I worked in the corporate world while still on nights and weekends I was building custom metal work. It was not till my last activation in 2017 when I became an Officer in the Marines that I know when I got off of active duty for my 4th activation that it was time for me to go off on my own and weld full time. That was Oct 2017 since then, we have grown 30-45%  year over year. Starting in my garage and now, in over a 3000 sqft facility on over an acre of land.